About Us

Community Pharmacy Lancashire, formally known as Lancashire Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC), are the representative organisation of community pharmacies in Lancashire, recognised in statute. Following the significant health and social care reforms that have been taking place over the last few years they formed Choose Health to facilitate the commissioning and delivery of high quality health and social care services through Community Pharmacies in Lancashire.

The Choose Health team, are responsible for ensuring that all the services provided by or through the organisation are to a high standard to meet commissioner requirements and meet the needs of the local communities in which the pharmacies are located.

We are based in Preston and are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of the people in our Lancashire communities by being proactive in understanding their needs and supporting them to make positive changes, where needed.

In addition to being the provider of choice for publicly commissioned services, which include training and development contracts, Choose Health works with a number of organisations to develop new and innovative ways to deliver health and social care services, including the use of digital solutions. We are a dynamic and energetic company always searching for innovative solutions leading to collaborative working with numerous organisations to ensure high quality service delivery with optimum health and social care outcomes.